Life is hard! This book is about adapting the tried and tested S.A.F.E.R health and wellbeing five pillars of holistic wellbeing.


Life is hard! This book is about proactive health and wellbeing. Through engaging in the S.A.F.E.R, five pillars of health and wellbeing, the reader develops and inculcates habitual practices for life.

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Poetry gives the soul a voice. This collection of poetry from ‘the padre poet’ takes the reader on a journey across the vast scale of human existence.

“Beneath the Sea of Masks” provides a rich tapestry of word pictures of the ebbs and flows of our human existence.  Sometimes uplifting, sometimes and sometimes appropriately provocative, Haydn masterfully uses the medium of poetry to inspire and challenge his readers to reflect more deeply on their journey of life and their engagement with the world.   This is not a book to be read once and shelved, but revisited time and time again!


A deep love and understanding of a life varied and full. Haydn shares his wealth of experience and passion for God, his fellow humans, and his followers with us all in this anthology of enjoyable and inspiring verse. All of our senses are captured and nurtured in these deep and meaningful poems. Haydn through poetry, shows an absolute love of nature, the human spirit, Australia's flora and fauna, and the impact of the weather. He, also, helps us gain a better understanding of what makes our universe tick and how this universe enables us to survive each day. The book's finale with the last poem "A Sea of Masks" uplifts us "to surface, to delight in wonder. A must read for all who  love poetry, nature, God, friends and family and are on a search for the meaning of life itself.

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